Class 1 [6+ years]
The English Series– Inspirations

• Fact is stranger than fiction!

We bring this into the classroom via this book.

o We bring out stories of great people from across the world with a major focus on India.

o People’s attainments are so well chronicled but their struggles don’t find mention in their stories. These very struggles make them greater and similar to us –struggles are similar but their ability to overcome them makes them greater. Therein lies the inspiration.

o What a man has done; a man can do!

These books also have the following:

o Concept explained with examples and images
o Practice Exercises

Creative Writing

The number of chapters each book contains: 10 Chapters

High-end-achievers include people from all walks of life – political leaders, kings and queens, poets and painters, artists and athletes, scientists and story tellers (in words and movies), etc.

Science & EVS

The core essentials of science are concepts that exist all around us. Therefore, instead of teaching content as an abstract idea, we make it real and hands-on! Up until the primary stage, experiments are done solely with things that students see around them. This makes more sense. They are required to work with these materials to create models and test concepts – essential to creating the scientific temper.

Each book contains nine chapters. The topics are judiciously chosen. Those that are done again in the next grades, have extended sub-topics


Team- Academics